Coz everyone has a right to write. Hey im Glenn! 19 year old art student.

Kung pano mo sila nakikitang palayo sayo at wala ka na dung magagawa. Ipagdarasal ko na lang na maging masaya sila.

Hoy. Alam mo bang gago ka.

Yesterday, our team building held somewhere in Batangas. That was really fun!

When we arrive at the resort, they gave us a company shirt and let us write our name in a sticker paper to serve as our name tag. We found our group number in the name tag given and all of us (my batchmate trainees) belong to different teams. There are 10 groups and it has 16-24 members each.

But first, we have to eat our breakfast along the seaside. While eating, i can feel the heat of the sun, the wind coming from the sea and the very relaxing ambiance of the whole resort. Eating with my training buddies ofcourse is the highlight of the moment hahaha! They have lots of jokes and we were so noisy at that time! It was full of laughters!

The team building proper is about to begin so we have to go to our respective groups! I belong to group 3! The instructors teach us and asked us to dance as a preparation for the game. After dancing, the first activity already starts. Here’s the game:

1. All members should hold each other. We are in squat position. My right hand should hold the left hand of the member in front of me. While my left hand is placed between my legs holding the right hand of the member in my back. (I hope you can imagine that! Haha!)

2. While we are in that position position, all teams will run to the sea. After that half of the group will go back to the shore. All the members left in the water will go to seaside one by one using “salbabida.” (Gahd! Hihikain ako sa part nato!)

3. When all members are in the shore, we will light 7 candles i think and sing with the tune of happy birthday song… Bigger, better,bolder. Affinity!

So yeah, we didnt win. But it’s okay! Hahaha! After that, we still have one activity. The task is to fill the container with water, but the container has holes. So we have to cover it using our hands. After that, we should make a “balsa” and it should have a flag with letter “f” so when all teams are done, the word “Affinity” will be seen. Guess what?! We didnt win again! Haha what a life!

After the activities, we ate our lunch and we enjoy all the things that the resort can offer. We spent most of our hours in swimming pool.

The time is come, uwian na! All of us are sleeping in the bus. We are all tired but that day will always be remembered!

First week as trainee

After signing a 1year contract last week, i undergo training for the whole week. At first, im so nervous because i never planned to be a graphic designer! Seriously! I know my abilities and i admit that it isnt my forte and i have never imagined myself seating in one place facing the computer for the whole day! I want a job that will enhance my communication skills especially talking to a client. A job that will allow me to go one place to another during work hours, just like what i used to do during my internship days. However, i signed the contract because at that time, im so eager to find a job. But now, i know i did the right thing. And i believe that God really gives what i need. I learned a lot during that one week training, the things that my school failed to teach to me. Im really happy because i know im learning. Though im not yet a regular employee since i have to pass the examination first next saturday, i feel so at home there. And i will work harder not just to pass but also to be able to continue the friendship with the new people in my life.

Ok na ko e. I know im free from the feelings ive been keeping since then. I know i moved on.

But now, I am talking to a friend. A friend whom ive known for about 2 weeks i guess, but it seems like matagal ko na syang kakilala. We’re talking about life. Our experiences. And during our conversation, it brings back the pain, the sadness and disappointments about my past because of the stories we’ve shared. How painful it was and it came to an end. But one thing is for sure, that now it’s just nothing but a memory. An experience to be remembered. And i know ive learned a lot. So there’s no reason for me to be sad again. There are many things to be happy and im looking forward for the next chapter of my life since im going to face the real world now. Hello work. Hello Affinity. :)

Patience is a virtue.

Marami akong gustong gawin sa buhay ko na tila ba nagiging mailap sa akin ang pagkakataon. Hindi ito ang plinano ko ngunit ito ang nangyayari. Hindi ito pinangarap ko pero marahil ito ang itinakda para sa akin. Ano pa man ang mangyari, alam kong masyado pang maaga para mawalan ako ng pagasa. Hindi ko alam kung anong meron sa hinaharap pero ipinapangako kong hindi ko bibitiwan ang aking mga pangarap.

Cheater will always be a cheater no matter what. Boom panes.

Kailangan daw niya ng TIME.


Time para makipaglandian sa iba.

Ang tao hindi naman yan nagbabago para sa isang tao. May mga pagkakataong aakalain mong may nagbago sya kasi magkasundo kayo. Pero darating yung oras na mararamdaman mong kaya kayo magkasundo kasi namiss nyo lang yung isat isa at gusto nyong bumawi sa panahong hindi kayo magkasama.

"Kailangan mong malaman bakit isang umaga paggising mo biglang nagbago na ang lahat? Bakit wala na sya? Bakit magisa ka na lang? Kailangan mo ng dahilan, diba? Kailangan mo ng mapanghahawakan kung bakit mo kailangang tiisin ang magmukhang tanga. Na magmukhang tanga sa paningin ng ibang tao. Sa paningin mo sa sarili mo. Kasi hindi mo alam kung pano eh. Hindi mo alam kung kailan. Hindi mo alam kung anong nangyari. Kung anong mali sayo bakit ka nya iniwan."

Its funny how i pushed my friends to forgive each other when they are fighting while i, myself cannot forgive those people whom i befriended.

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yes i am.